FO-A1212 1280x1024 12um

FO-A1212 1280x1024 12um

FO-A1212 1280x1024 12um

  • Cname:Standard Uncooled LWIR
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  • Release date:2021-04-09 10:22:52


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thermal imager core application

Resolution: 1280x1024

Ultra-low power consumption≤3.5W@12、25℃

Dimension: 43mmx33mmx34mm, without lens

Low working voltage: 12V
High thermal shock resistance, strong environmental adaptability
Good structural reinforcement, resistant to strong vibration test.

Industrial automation: process control, predictive maintenance
Safety & Security: surveillance, search & rescue, border and infrastructure monitoring, firefighting
Mobility: collision avoidance, situational awareness, aerial imaging
Automotive: advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), night vision
OEM: sensor system integrators

Rich image details, blood vessels/brows are clearly visible
High sensitivity, NETD≤40mk@300K
Intelligent image enhancement, adaptive dynamic range compression
Adapt to various harsh environments
Multi-mode image output interface
Standard optical interface, complete series of lenses

Precise thermal imaging and non-contact measurement of temperature distributions
Optimal Size-Weight-and-Performance (SWaP) ratio.
Minimum image lag due to shutterless operation option
Easy integration into numerous applications (lightweight, compact, low power, interface options
Availability of standard configurations and customized OEM solutions

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