FNT-A317, FNT-H617 17μm

FNT-A317, FNT-H617 17μm

FNT-A317, FNT-H617 17μm

  • Cname:Thermometer Uncooled LWIR
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  • Release date:2021-05-11 14:47:28


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General imager core for all kinds of thermometry and observation infrared devices.

Widely integrated into the fields of military industry, homeland security, forest fire-prevention, fire search and rescue, police systems, security monitoring, industrial inspection, outdoor hunting, and scientific research.

FNT-A317, FNT-H617 thermometer network imager cores

With Temp measuament function

and with network PC board, if NOT, the PN will be FT-A317, FT-H617

◆640×512/384×288 Uncooled VOx PFA

◆17μm pixel

◆General imager core for thermometry feature

◆Temperature measurement range: the first level: —20℃+150℃,; the second level: 0℃-350℃

◆Temperature measurement accuracy: ±3 degrees or ±3% (reading range), whichever is the MAX

◆Accurate working: the highest temperature cross positioning, support multiple movable areas (the highest temperature, the lowest temperature capture, average temperature measurement), support multiple movable point temperature measurement

◆Original heat map data output: 25/50 frames/second, the back end manually collects a single frame of raw data images, the collected data images can be analyzed and temperature can be measured

◆Motorized /athermalized lens etc, a variety of lenses are optional

◆Support 1 hardware alarm input, 1 alarm output


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